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If you can't sleep at all what's your favorite method to help lull you into sweet slumber? 

3 deviants said Staring off into space
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2 deviants said fuck sleep, I'm just gonna keep wasting away on tumblr!
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Aurea Faix
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United States
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I'm an average artist, I don't do this for a living, I do it because I love it. My gallery consists of dragons, fantasy and anthromorphic characters as well as my own creations, the Namid Species. I started drawing when I was six or seven and still wish to improve. There are so many things I'm working toward, mainly backgrounds as of right now.


Journal Entry: Sun Oct 12, 2014, 3:26 PM

I'm bored and injured so I figured I'd fill out that long, long tag that is so beloved among my friends. Enjoy the wall of text!


1.Fill in the blanks with 15 of your characters.
2. Answer the questions as follows.
3. Tag at least 4 people.

1. Kiteres the Fox

2. Shasta the Selkie

3. Fear the Cat

4. Julian Andreas

5. Connor McGrath

6. Oliver Strak

7. Daviana the Monkey

8. Chase the Rabbit

9. Reena Cobalt Wire

10.  Okami the Hybrid

11. Charlie Susek

12. Phase the Gecko

13. Katherine Imez

14. Lyra Skardson

15. Rhaloh the bat


1. Would you rather go on a date with 5 (Connor) or 12 (Phase)?

Oh Connor without a doubt.

Connor: …….You realize Julian will be tagging along……

2. A man wearing a thong and boxers on his head comes up to 8 (Chase) and demands their money.

Chase: *raises a brow* …..Ah you’re on my list. *steals soul and walks away*

3. 6 (Oliver) comes home and finds that 2 (Shasta) has broken into their house and is stealing their possessions. What happens?

Oliver: *blinks* W-Who are you…?

Shasta: *stares at Oliver* *shakes slightly then leaps out the window he used to break into, scared of people*

Oliver: *watches in shock*

4. Would 13 (Katherine) ever have sex with 9 (Wire)?

Uhhhh I don’t think so, Katherine’s pretty involved with Lyra and Unknown might have a heart attack….

5. What would 5 (Connor) and 10's (Okami) lovechild look like?

Connor: *looks at Okami* …

Okami: *folds her arms* If you even think about it I’m ripping those wings off.

6. What would 7 (Daviana) never ever admit to the world?

Daviana: *giggles* I’m not telling!


She’s a guardian, and might have a crush on a certain grey dead cave dwelling guy.


Daviana: Heeeeeeeey!

7. Do you think that 1(Kiteres) is sexy/cute?

He’s alright I guess…but I think if I ever displayed interest Tu’Sal might kill me.

8. Is 9 (Wire) or 14 (Lyra) more likely to commit murder?

Ooh, tough call. Wire HAS killed before, but Lyra’s just as apt to kill given the right situation.

9. What is the last thing that 15 (Rhaloh) would ever wear?

Rhaloh: *laughs* I already wear a robe that looks like a skirt, I’m too old to care about what clothing I’m wearing.

10. Why would 15 (Rhaloh) hate 7 (Daviana)?

He really wouldn’t, actually…You’d have to do something drastic to make him hate you.

11. Is 4 (Julian) a virgin?


12. What would 2 (Shasta) get 3 (Fear) for their birthday?

I don’t think Shasta would even try to approach Fear, let alone give him a gift.

13. Does 9 (Wire) go to church?

Wire: Maybe to strip their AC units of copper….

14. 12 (Phase) and 1 (Kiteres) go scuba diving. What happens?

Kiteres: *Stares at the flippers then at the water* ……..Hell no, I’m going home.

Phase: Too bad! *shoves Kiteres in*

Kiteres: *yells and doesn’t surface because he can’t swim*

Phase: *laughing*

15. Would 6 (Oliver) survive a zombie apocalypse?

Yeah…but not because he’s clever or stealthy….he’d end up eating the zombies.

16. Who's taller, 4 (Julian) or 14 (Lyra)?

Julian, but not by a whole lot.


Julian: *Grins* Gotta stay small and cuddly for all my favorite people!

17. 5 (Connor) and 8 (Chase) get in a fight. Who surrenders first?

Connor, Chase doesn’t know the concept of giving up.

18. Does 13 (Katherine) trust 3 (Fear)enough to drive with them during a heavy rainstorm in heavy traffic?

Katherine: ……………I don’t much like the look of this escort….

Fear: *breaks into a grin*

19. Could 8 (Chase) ever win a swimsuit competition?

Only because she skinned the competition with Fear….

20. What scares 7 (Daviana) more than anything?

Daviana: Failing as a guardian and watching all my Lalasa get killed…..

21. How long could you stand to be around 10 (Okami)?

Okami gets this question a lot….and the answer tends to remain the same. If I don’t anger her, we could be around each other for a really long time.

22. Your old high school enemy comes up to you on the street and punches you in the face. What would 13 (Katherine)do?

*Holds face* SON OF A BITCH!

Katherine: *gasps* How uncouth! *begins to reprimand the old high school enemy*

23. What would 2 (Shasta) say/do when extremely drunk?

Oh god….

Shasta: *flops against the wall* Thissssstuff is so amazing! *looks into the bottle* Aw….it’s all gone…Daaaaaaamiennnnnn can I have more happy juice?


Damien: ….*chuckles* C’mon Shasta, let’s get you to bed….


Shasta: *grins* Only if you cuddle me! *stumbles after Damien*


24. Would 1 (Kiteres) ever crossdress?

Only if Tu-Sal demanded it.

25. 1 (Kiteres), 8 (Chase), and 14 (Lyra) are playing tug-of-war against 7 (Daviana), 9 (Wire), and 12 (Phase). Which side would win?

I think it’d be a tie, Kiteres and Daviana are both very strong, but Chase, Lyra and Wire are not…Phase doesn’t count because she cheats.

26. 11 (Charlie) and 3 (Fear) are arguing. Who resorts to violence first?

Amazingly enough, Charlie would. Fear’s psychotic but he’s eerily calm and Charlie’s proven to have a very hot temper.


27. Does 9 (Wire) or 4 (Julian) have a worse temper?

Honestly I don’t think Julian knows how to be angry so Wire would have a worse temper.

28. Who would you least want to meet in a dark alley, 14 (Lyra), 11 (Charlie), or 6 (Oliver)?

Oliver. Because if Oliver’s in a dark alley then he’s not himself, he’s his other half…and his other half is ALWAYS hungry.

29. If 10 (Okami) got drafted for the army, would they go for it or dodge the draft?

Okami: Hm…well I’ve got nothing better to do. Let’s go kill people!

30. What is 15's (Rhaloh) worst memory?

Probably the day he died…

31. Why would the government be after 3 (Fear)?

Aside from the fact that he’s a notorious killer? Probably due to the fact that he’s supposed to be dead.

32. You run into 2 (Shasta) on a busy street? What is the first thing you notice about them?

Shasta….? You’re lost aren’t you?

Shasta: I just wanted to find Dakota’s greenhouse….*whimpers*

33. Would 11 (Charlie) ever get cosmetic surgery?

Charlie: Fuck you.

34. Does 5 (Connor) love or hate themselves?

Connor: I respect and love myself but not in a vain sort of way….

35. 13 (Katherine) gets hit on by someone of their own gender, Their reaction?

Katherine: *Blushes and giggles, thoroughly flattered by the gesture*

36. What is 14's (Lyra) worst habit or addiction?

Um, her driving. She’s terrifying when she drives, and it’s amazing the cops haven’t pulled her over before.

37. What kind of movie would 11 (Charlie) go see?
Uh the only reason Charlie would go to the movies is to please Cheshire so probably something kid-friendly.


38. Does 10 (Okami) still live with their parents?

Okami: *folds her arms* I’d have to have parents for that.

39. Does 6 (Oliver) dance?

Actually he does! One of Ollie’s many secrets revealed!

40. 3 (Fear), 5 (Connor), 12 (Phase), and 15 (Rhaloh) are playing poker. Who is the most likely to cheat?

Fear would be skinning those who hadn’t fled, and if he didn’t do that, Phase would be the first to cheat.

42. Is 2 (Shasta) or 4 (Julian) more mature?

………………is “neither” a viable option?

43. Does 1 (Kiteres) or 8 (Chase) have a bigger ego?

Oh Chase takes the cake, the baker and the baker’s patrons for that one. She’s got an entire asylum who view her as a goddess.

44. Would 12 (Phase) rather drive a small, environmentally friendly car, or a huge Hummer?

The Hummer…if only to run down pedestrians Saint’s Row style.

45. Does 6 (Oliver) care about their appearance?

Only when he’s running his business, otherwise his hair’s always messy and his clothes tend to get torn often.

46. 5 (Connor), 7 (Daviana), and 14 (Lyra) go into a haunted house. What happens?

Daviana: *looks around* Remind me why this place is scary?


Connor: It’s nothing but children’s fables….I have work to do elsewhere.


Ghost: *pops out like “Boo”!*


Lyra: ……..*pulls out gun and shoots the ghost* *nudges the body* Huh…just a prank.

47. 13 (Katherine) is walking along and gets pulled aside by a prostitute. Do they accept the offer?

Katherine: *gasps softly* O-oh no thank you ma’am, I’m quite alright…*hurries along*

48. Does 10 (Okami) have or want kids?

Uh…she has social rejects, does that count?

49. How will 15 (Rhaloh) probably die?

Oh his own terms. Until they he can’t die.

50. Why was 6 (Oliver) picked on at school?

Probably because he was skittish, had seizures and had no friends.

51. For what would 11 (Charlie) worship 4 (Julian)?

She wouldn’t. Quite frankly if Julian tried any of his normal tricks on her she’d deck him.

52. 3 (Fear) and 15 (Rhaloh) are running against each other for president. Who do you vote for?

Hm….psycho killer or immortal Egyptian bat…..I’ll take the bat, thank you!


53. 1(Kiteres), 8 (Chase), 12 (Phase), and 14 (Lyra) gang up on 5 (Connor). How long does 5 last?

Chase and Phase are involved so not very long before he turns tail. Connor doesn’t like to fight if he doesn’t have to.

54. Who would 11 (Charlie) rather take to the prom, 2 (Shasta) or 9 (Wire)?

Charlie: The fuck is Prom and why do I care?

55. Would 7 (Daviana) ever wear a leopard-print miniskirt in public?

Daviana: *Giggles* That sounds like fun!

56. Who has a more normal weight, 4 (Julian) or 10 (Okami)?

Actually Okami is, Julian doesn’t starve himself by any means, but he is still underweight.

57. Why would 13 (Katherine) be arrested?

No idea, Katherine’s a good girl.

58. 3 (Fear), 6 (Oliver), and 11 (Charlie) go to the movies. What happens?

Fear scares Oliver, Oliver turns into a beastie in his panic and Charlie punches them both.

59. 13 (Katherine) is trying to escape from a burning building, but sees 1 (Kiteres) trapped in the corner. Would they try and save 1?

Probably. Katherine’s a kind soul and wouldn’t want anyone to be hurt…though it’s Kiteres who probably ends up saving Kat.

60. 15 (Rhaloh) and 8 (Chase) are exploring an abandoned tomb, when 15 suddenly falls through the floor and barely misses a spike trap.

Chase: *laughing* Dammit I was hoping to get your soul finally.


Rhaloh: Not likely to happen. *flies out*


62. Does 10 (Okami) smoke or drink?



63. The house is about to explode, and 9 (Wire) can only save 3 (Fear) or 12 (Phase). Who do they choose?

Wire: Fuck both of those assholes! *Runs off*


Fear: *Rolls his eyes*


Phase: Bitch. *drops through the floor*

64. Would 11 (Charlie) ever deal drugs?

Nope. She actively avoids drug dealers and buyers, even when doing her illegal business. To her, drugs are major trouble.

65. Did 15 (Rhaloh) graduate high school?

Rhaloh: There was no such thing as High School when I was of that age.

66. 7 (Daviana) tries cooking a new icky looking dish and invites 4 (Julian), 9 (Wire), and 13 (Katherine) to dinner. Who eats the dish?

Katherine and Julian, only because they’re polite.


Daviana: *Frowns* This looked better on paper….


Wire: I can’t believe they ate that…I think it growled.


67. Would 3 (Fear) ever pierce their tongue?

Fear: No.

68. What if 9 (Wire) annoys 14 (Lyra)?

Lyra would threaten to shoot her and if that doesn’t work, she’d shoot her. Then she’d get shot by Unknown.


69. Does 1 (Kiteres) or 5 (Connor) sleep more?

Uh Kiteres probably. Connor’s job requires him to work from sunup to sundown.

70. Who does 15 (Rhaloh) like most out of 2 (Shasta), 8 (Chase), and 12 (Phase)?

Shasta….mostly because Shasta’s the nice one.


I tag: :iconshadow-rep:, :iconkaity-chameleon:, :iconryurei-kizuna:, :iconchaosboundjenna:, :iconwingedfeline:, :iconcrookedantlers: and :iconmisty-t-h:

Have fun! ~Aurea Faix

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Sonic Charries!

This is a list of my current Sonic Characters and their alignment, status, and totem pole placing so you know who's who!

Main Characters
These are the main four characters, the ones I use the most.

Okami the Hybrid Okami Revamp by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral/Evil
Status- Single
Personality- Sadistic and cruel when provoked, Okami hides her feelings to nearly everyone and prefers to stay quiet, even around her mate. Despite this, Okami won't consciously kill anyone except her creator Shayla and Shayla's Feral Hybrids, out of fear of losing control of her own feral instincts.
Advice- While you can approach Okami without being attacked, be very cautious when speaking to her.

Dreamcast the Fox Dreamcast Reference by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Good
Status- Single
Personality- Caring and motherly to those who are hurt, Dreamcast tends to care a little too much and often gets hurt or manipulated for it. She only wants to see those she loves stay safe, healthy and happy, even at the cost of herself.
Advice- Don't be afraid, she's very approachable and friendly until you give her a reason not to be.

Reena Cobalt Wire (prefers to go by "Wire") Natural Beauty by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral/Evil
Status- In a relationship
Personality- Focused, calculating and unafraid to take action. Wire does tend to hole herself up in her workshop and lose track of time, so she's rarely seen without her boyfriend Unknown Silvertongue (copyright of Kaity-Chameleon). When push comes to shove, Wire doesn't take bullshit and is more than capable of using every weapon she makes.
Advice- Don't be afraid of Wire, she doesn't bite and if you're into tech and tinkering, she'll open up quickly.

Fear and Chase Fear Reference by SleeplesslyDreaming Chase New Design by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Evil
Status- In a relationship with each other
Personality- Cruel, unforgiving and fully believe they can take on anyone. Destroying cities and ruining innocent's lives is their favorite pastime, aside from cuddling each other.
Advice- Avoid at all costs. Don't approach them, unless you want to die on sight.

Haven Guardians
The Haven Guardians are five people chosen by my creatures the Lalasa to help guard and care for them.

Anusha the Chipmunk Anusha by SleeplesslyDreaming
Region- Temperate Haven
Alignment- Good
Personality- Gentle and kind, rarely upset and always willing to forgive. Not a very adept fighter
Status- In a relationship

Enya the Arctic Fox Enya by SleeplesslyDreaming
Region- Arctic Haven
Alignment- Good
Personality- Quiet and cheerful, very few things cause her to raise her voice. Adept at defending her Lalasa but only uses violence if forced to.
Status- Single

Daviana the Monkey Daviana by SleeplesslyDreaming
Region- Tropical Haven
Alignment- Good
Personality- Borderline hyper and extremely defensive over her Lalasa, by far the most aggressive. However will not attack unless a threat is present.
Status- Single

Nova the Fennec Fox Nova by SleeplesslyDreaming
Region- Desert Haven
Alignment- Good
Personality- The gentlest of guardians and the most defenseless out of all of them. Will go to any length to keep her lalasa healthy and happy.
Status- Single

Sendak the Zombie (c) Wingedfeline Sendak by SleeplesslyDreaming
Region- Pinnacle Caverns/Haven
Alignment- Good
Personality- Cautious and silent, is the most rational of guardians, listening to every detail before deciding on a course of action.
Status- Single

Secondary/Minor Characters

Julian the Cat Julian full body ref by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral
Status- In a Relationship

Connor the Shiba mix Connor Ref by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral
Status- In a Relationship

Rhaloh the Bat Rhaloh Ref sheet by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Good
Status- Single

Shasta the Selkie Shasta Ref by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral
Status- Enslaved

Kiteres the fox More Than Friends by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Good
Status- In a relationship

Zion Alanis and Skyler Ramirez Zion and Skyler by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignments- Good
Status- Love each other very much

Lupian the Werewolf (current times) Lupian by SleeplesslyDreaming
Adopted by Jedidiah and Saia
Alignment- Undecided
Status- No dating, he's a child.

Halyn the hybrid (current times) Halyn by SleeplesslyDreaming
Bastard child of Phase
Alignment- Neutral/Evil
Status- She's six, yo.

Suki the Hybrid: Hybrid girl ref sheet by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Undetermined
Status- Not eligible for dating, she's only ten

Elania the Snow Leopard: Daycare Disasters by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Undetermined
Status- she's a baby, no boyfriends allowed

Lash and Lily (siblings) Lash and Lily by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Good
Statuses- Single

Charlie Susek Moment of Peace by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral/Evil
Status- Single

Aurelia the Bat Aurelia by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral
Status- In a relationship

Oreo the Skunk Eade and Oreo by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Good
Status-In a relationship

Kara-su the Echidna Kara-su Ref sheet by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral/Good
Status- Single

Phase the Gecko Phase re-design by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral/Evil

Keela the Fenenc Fox Serenity by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral
Status- In a relationship

Lyra Skardson Lyra Skardson by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Good
Status- Going steady with Katherin

Katherine Imez Katherine Imez by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Good
Status- Going steady with Lyra

Kalma Makka Kalma's fight by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral
Status- In a relationship

Aisling Na Gealai Aisling by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Good
Status- Engaged

Damien the cat Damien hair down by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Good
Status- Single

Tantii the cyborg Tantii by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral
Status- In a relationship

Lola Skardson Lola Assignment 1 by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Good
Status- Single/soon to be deceased

Saia the Hybrid Saia without a coat by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Neutral/Good
Status- Engaged

Shayla Shayla concept sketch by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Evil
Status- Foreveralone

Genesis the hedgefox Chibi Ghost Genesis by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Good
Status- Ghost, no relationships for him

Natasha the Echidwolf Natasha revamp by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment: Unknown
Status: Pet

Varie the Painted Dog Varie by SleeplesslyDreaming
Alignment- Good
Status- In a relationship


Fala the Diacorn (near Future) Fala concept by SleeplesslyDreaming
Daughter of Kalma Makka and Amoxus (copyright Misty-T-H)
Alignment- Neutral/Good
Status- Baby, she's not allowed to have a relationship yet.

Sadie Silvertongue (Mid to far future) Happy Family colored by SleeplesslyDreaming
Daughter of Wire and Unknown (copyright Kaity-Chameleon)
Alignment- Neutral/Evil
Status- Single

Aeris the cat (Near future) Aeris the Hellchild by SleeplesslyDreaming
Daughter of Chase and Fear
Alignment- Evil
Status- Single

Contest prizes/requests

Contest Prizes


:iconwingedfeline: -A colored picture of Ratchet, a colored picture of Kara-Su and Wukong

:iconcrookedantlers: -A colored picture of Euphoria


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