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Daddy will be home soon by SleeplesslyDreaming Daddy will be home soon by SleeplesslyDreaming
Unrelated story time!

Wire opened the door to her home and smiled at the two tailed fox standing there. "Hello Tails, always nice to see you."
Tails smiled briefly. It upset him that Unknown always had to leave her for another government mission, especially with her seven months pregnant. He took it upon himself to look after Wire while Unknown was gone. "Hi Wire, you wanna go for a walk?"

Wire smiled. "I'd love that kiddo, let me get my shoes on." She said, inviting him in while she went to her room. Tails looked around, everything was spotless in the house, more than usual. He smiled as Wire came out with her boots and sat down on the couch to put them on. "You're nesting." He said in an amused tone.

Wire giggled. "Well in two months I'll be a mommy and you'll be an uncle. I've gotta make sure everything's perfect for my baby girl."

Tails smiled a little. "Will Unknown be in town for when you give birth?"

"Oh he wouldn't miss it for the world. He already got that whole month off to be with me." She said, taking his arm and locking the house behind them.
Tails smiled and led her to the park. "What will you name her?"

Wire grinned mischievously. "That's a secret between Unknown and I."

"Speaking of Unknown, when will he be home?" Tails inquired, walking down one of the park's pathways.

Wire rubbed her stomach gently. "He'll be home soon...daddy will be home soon."

Reena Cobalt Wire (c) Aurea Faix

Miles "Tails" Prower (c) SEGA

Unknown Silvertongue (c) :iconkaity-chameleon:
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